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Hello! And welcome to the Rester Farms blog and website.

Like any good story, our journey began when a Louisiana boy met a Northern Irish girl and fell in love. That was 15 years ago! Since then we have been blessed with 3 wonderful sons, that from day one loved dirt and tractors. We both come from a long line of farmers so I guess it’s in our blood. We are a home educating family too so everything is a learning opportunity.

When we started dreaming we lived in a subdivision, in a city, hardly the stuff of farming dreams. Our desire to reclaim our food supply and eat whole foods lit the spark. We built our first chicken coop and made some raised grow beds. It wasn’t long before Ken talked our neighbors into letting us use the parts of their yards that they didn’t use to plant a bigger garden. Did I mention we had awesome neighbors? Soon the eggs were being collected daily and rows of corn and okra and squash and other vegetables were growing.

Then we made a move to Florida but this put us in a subdivision that wasn’t as chicken friendly, so one of the sad goodbyes was to our sweet hens. We didn’t give up the garden and for our home education project, we had to figure out how to do a container garden. We had bell peppers, tomatoes, lettuces, and carrots growing in every kind of container we could think of. We had a successful crop that year.

Man and kid in bee suits working on hive

For years Ken had been researching beekeeping. Finally, we moved to a different rental property on an acre of land and had the best landlords that said it was ok to get bees and chickens. So we order our first bee nooks and build another chicken coop.  The boys expanded their experimenting to more raised beds and I started to grow herbs and peppers. We finally added a second coop and now have 17 hens and 1 very feisty rooster, King. That’s him in our logo. We’ve expanded the hives and had a small honey harvest last year.

picture of kid with growbed

We are currently looking to find our own land to really let the dream flourish.

So please join us on our adventure as we reclaim our roots and run a family farm.

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